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Livestock industry emits more greenhouse gas than all transportation combined. Simply by reducing meat consumption and adapting to a plant-based diet, everyone can help save our planet. 

Our collaboration with Rooftop Republic transforms the usual working space in Hong Kong into a healthy, informative and creative platform where office workers can enjoy the joy of farming and harvesting, the experience of farm-to-table, and gain the important knowledge on how our choice of food is highly correlated to global sustainability. 

We look forward to extend this collaboration to empower more corporate and individuals to live a socially responsible and wholesome life!

David Yeung, Co-founder

Green Monday

This year DBIS started a Gardening Club for students. After attending a farming workshop at the Fringe Club, we were inspired and keen to launch a rooftop farm within our school. Our first port of call was Rooftop Republic. Their team's support and guidance was terrific from start to finish. As part of our project we hosted an incredible first planting session with Rooftop Republic introducing all the key aspects of growing in Hong Kong to our team of avid gardeners. The children had an amazing time, they learned lots of valuable skills and have been hooked ever since. The DBIS Rooftop Farm is flourishing and the children's engagement has been a wonder to behold. Students are already keen to invite the Rooftop Republic team back to show them our progress, and I look forward to working further with Rooftop Republic on future projects. 

Jack Hoskin, Teacher

Discovery Bay International School

We are committed to environmental stewardship at PwC, and our new rooftop farm is one of the many innovative ways we're working to raise awareness about critical sustainability issues.


It's a pleasure working with the professional, flexible team at Rooftop Republic, and their knowledge and guidance was invaluable as we navigated the process of setting up and installing the rooftop farm.


Sylvie Fung, CSR Manager 

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) HK

I am delighted to know there are many other city-dwellers showing such interest in growing veggies at home [...] 


Before attending the workshop, I was already aware of the negative impacts of our daily life in this highly dense and rapid-paced city. I think growing my own veggies is a way to counter some of these negative impacts. This experience made me realise that with a proper training and setup, growing in the city is possible!


Rebecca Hui, workshop participant



In our continuous quest to achieve high levels of sustainability, we wish to introduce chemical-free, natural products into our menu to promote a healthier lifestyle at EAST, Hong Kong.


We are very pleased to work with Rooftop Republic to set up our Urban Garden. Their friendly and knowledgeable team that supported us in setting up and training our team members has greatly assisted us in taking a step towards creating a healthier and more sustainable future.

Jonathan Wallace, Hotel Manager

EAST Hotel

This urban farming workshop is really a great experience, especially in an easly accessible area such as the Fringe Club. I'll definitely make use of the knowledge learnt from the workshop.


Even though I have not yet started my own farm project, I do think it's possible to change our lifestyle by making use of some idle places that we've ignored before and work out something nice!


I'll then try to influence friends & relatives around me to raise their awareness and hope they can live a better lifestyle. 


Rainbow Fung, workshop participant

The message we were passing on to the students was not an easy one, the ideas, the thinking and the activities were all challenging. Yet they were enjoyable, extremely well-planned, engaging and varied. The organisers raised awareness without being too militant about the environment, the students were taught that we can think of environmental issues in an optimistic way, and the week catered for all learners: the programme had elements of Design and Technology (building a planter), Food and Nutrition (preparing pesto with fresh ingredients), economics (where our food comes from and at what price), biology (reading food labels and their chemical content), Environmental Studies (zero waste challenge, sustainability of the food chain in Hong Kong), media studies (critically analysing adverts), health (amount of sugar hidden in our food, poor nutritional content of industrial food) and made tons of connections with other curriculum areas and the world around us. It was also physical, outdoor, connected to nature... and we met an array of people who make a difference in our community (social enterprises, dieticians, university professor).


It was my 9th Make a Difference week and between Year 7 camp, overseas and local trips, this was by far the most enjoyable. For any teacher unsure about the motives of some well-intended ‘service trips’, a Young Farmer programme is guaranteed to make a positive contribution to students’ lives and future. I highly recommend their educational services, be it for short or long term projects.

Elise Lefebvre, Teacher

South Island School

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