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Microgreens Workshop


Cooking Demor


  • Saturday, 18 June 2016 (11.00am - 12.30pm)




Programme description:

A busy lifestyle, or a lack of space or time should not get in the way of growing your own food, or living healthily. If you are new to growing, or are a foodie looking to enhance the taste and nutrition level of your dishes, this workshop is for you! 


Something Wild, in partnership with Rooftop Republic Urban Farming and POG Kitchen, will be hosting a workshop on Microgreens. At this session, you will learn more about microgreens, how to grow these nutrient-dense vegetable greens at home, and pick up a few tips or two on how to make a delicious and healthy meal you can enjoy anytime using microgreens. We'll show you how to cultivate and maintain your own superfood garden to have a year-round supply of microgreens that you can add to your home-cooked meals, your take-out salads and sandwiches, or to add into your smoothies and soups any time you like.



Part 1:

Led by Rooftop Republic: Grow your own microgreen garden all year round

Microgreens are fairly easy to grow, and can be grown all year round, and do not need excessive amount of sunlight. Good news for those who lack space or light in their apartment! During the first part of the session, we will be providing an introduction to microgreens, and everyone will have a hands-on session on cultivating and making your own microgreens mini-garden. You will receive tips on care, harvesting and storage of these veggie greens, and the types of conditions for them to best flourish in. At the end of this session, you will be able to take home your very own microgreens tray and to harvest and sample a variety of fresh microgreens.


Part 2:

Led by Chef Gee of POG Kitchen: Take your toast to the next level

Whether is it for a camping trip, for a quick meal at the office, or to whip up a lazy weekend brunch at home, freshness and nutrition cannot be compromised. Through a hands-on session, Chef Gee of POG Kitchen will show you creative variations of the avocado and microgreens toast, using her very own home-made sourdough bread. You will be able to take home some very useful, healthy yet easy vegetarian recipes that you can prepare for your next lunch box and hiking adventure.




  • HKD250/pax



  • Cantonese & English


Registration Deadline:  17 June 2016 (12.00pm)


Collaboration Partners:

About Chef Gee Wong:

Gee has founded POG kitchen in 2014. She has completed fundamental and advanced raw cuisine courses from Mathew Kenney Academy in Santa Monica, California and is a qualified raw food chef. Gee has dedicated her passions to create plant-based, raw and living vegan cuisines. Hoping to educate more people about the importance of real food. Gee has also been selected as one of the only two semifinalists from Hong Kong area to compete in the worldwide San Pellegrino Young Chef 2016.



Event Terms & Conditions:

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