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Creative Mornings Talk on Commitment, Food Systems and Urban Farming


  • Friday, 25 May 2018 (08.00am - 10.00am)



  • Garage Society, Wanchai


Programme description:

There are many problems with our current food system, from the beginning of the system of growing and harvesting produce, to processes further along, such as eating and disposing waste. In this talk, our cofounder, Pol Fabrega, addressed and highlighted the issues associated with food, probed into what this means for our future, and introduced the benefits and remedy of urban farming. 


In the second part of the event, participants received the opportunity to put urban farming into action, through an introduction about microgreens, including tips on care and harvesting of these veggies.There was also the opportunity for participants to start to grow their own tray of microgreens and take them home, creating their own urban farm at home!



Collaboration Partners:

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