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Rooftop Republic Academy

Raising a new generation of urban farmers

Carve out a career in urban farming

Gain knowledge of our urban farm management model

Grow the service-based urban farming eco-system

Urban Farmer Programme 2020

Grow Your Own Food: Online Academy

About the Academy

The Rooftop Republic Academy seeks to professionalise and build the nascent urban farming sector in Hong Kong by providing comprehensive and hands-on urban farming training programmes to nurture a new generation of farmers.


The Academy has a strong social mandate and aims to provide capacity building and employment opportunities in urban farming-related sectors to some of the most vulnerable communities in society.


More broadly, the Academy invites the general public to join the programme and learn about the multiple benefits and applications of urban farming in creating a movement around sustainable and healthy living. 

*Note: The health and wellbeing of our participants is our number one priority. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we've made the decision to postpone our 2020 in-person Academy programme. We are continuing with our online classes, The Grow Your Own Food: Online Academy, to allow for urban farming learning while socially distancing.

Academy Collaborating Partners:

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Our Training Programme

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the role and potential of urban farming in Hong Kong.

  • Understand the environmental, socio-economic and health benefits brought by urban farming.

  • Learn about the basic principles of organic farming and how they can be applied to an urban context like Hong Kong.

  • Learn basic knowledge and hands on experience to start and manage an urban farm.

  • Get inspiration to embark on the urban farming journey!

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Programme Outcome

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  • Be prepared to start and/or manage an urban farm, educational garden project or to work in urban farming and food advocacy issues. Become an instructor for urban farming workshops, activities and events.

  • Be prepared to take on further studies and training programmes to deepen your technical skills, knowledge and understanding of urban farming.

  • Establish connections to local urban farming networks, job opportunities, events, and organisations.

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