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Young Farmer's Academy

Together, we will explore the challenges and future potential of the very food we consume, and how urban farming can contribute to reshape our food system into a more sustainable one. 

Through the Young Farmers’ Academy, we aim to re-establish students' relationship with their food sources, motivate students to take action towards supporting a local and sustainable food system and foster stronger parental engagement and community relationships by our 1) Farm Set Up Service, 2) Farm to School Programme and 3) Smart Farming Lab Workshop. 


Programme Description:
Our school programme is a first-hand opportunity for students to learn about the story behind their food and understand 
the steps, resources and people involved in bringing food from farm to table. Through our specially designed and highly interactive programme, children and youths will get insights into organic farming, its application in the urban environment as well as in our daily lives through talks, group discussions, games and practical hands-on activities. More broadly, our activities aim to increase students’ awareness around environmental and social issues surrounding our food system and to better equip them to make informed choices about the food they eat. Our programme also suggests easy ways to take action on these issues and help make a difference at home, at school or in the community.

The programme is available in a 1-day, 3-day and 5-day options, and can be customised to suit your school's schedule and availability.


Programme Description:

Smart Farming plays a critical role not just in the Internet of Things (IoT), but also in the future of our food, where technology can help us to stay connected with our food and our urban farming communities to address the greater demand for sustainable food production. Our Smart Farm Lab Workshops, is a hands-on Maker workshop covering topics including embedded electronics and application of the Arduino platform to design a smart farm system. Students can apply innovation and acquire technical knowledge in both farming, mechanical, electronics and coding and apply them in building their own mini smart growing systems. Through this workshop, our young makers get to exercise their creativity and analytical skills and to explore the possibilities of farming systems and solutions for the future. 

The programme is available in three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to suit your school's preference.

Collaboration Partners:

  • Green Orange

  • MakerBay

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