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Food & Beverage

Rooftop Republic strives to transform the way we grow and eat food in cities. And what better way to do so, than helping F&B outlets to source their own fresh food and integrate a rooftop farm into their operations. The benefits of this collaboration revolve around the following: 

  • Fresh & delicious food!: Growing your own food means crops can be selected for their flavor, texture and nutritional value and not because they travel well. Restaurant farms can be a source of the freshest organic produce and you can easily grow varieties that are expensive in the marketplace or that are difficult to find such as edible flowers, herbs, microgreens, and similar treats.

  • Sustainability: Restaurant farms can help your operations to be more sustainable by cutting food miles, sourcing locally grown organic vegetables and potentially recycling food waste into compost. Restaurant farms also offer a great platform to promote a culture of sustainability amongst your staff.

  • Share your story: Customers are increasingly demanding for food that is organic and locally grown. Having a restaurant farm is an excellent way of embracing food sustainability and sharing a compelling story with your customers.

  • Farm to table events: We partner with top Hong Kong chefs to organise joint farm to table events. Our only requirement is for chefs to deliver fresh, tasty and unforgettable feasts.

Our clients include:

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