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Garage Greens Launch Event

Rooftop Farm to Table:

A Cocktail Soirée

Join us on Friday 27th July for a summer soirée to celebrate the launch of the Garage Greens urban farming programme! Our Rooftop Farm to Table Soirée will feature industry veteran Jay Khan, whose award winning cocktails have graced the bars and table tops at some of the best ranked watering holes of Melbourne, Macau and of course, Hong Kong.


Jay will be serving up signature drinks using locally grown herbs - straight from our rooftop farm at the Garage Academy Campus in Wan Chai!

Enjoy an evening with:












About Jay Khan

Recently  awarded  the  Hong  Kong  Bartender  of  the  year  2018  by  The  Bar  Awards,  Jay  Khan  is  an  esteemed  cocktail  bar  veteran  with  over  10  years  of  experience  in  beverage  industry.  He  is  widely  known  as  an  agave  spirit  enthusiast.  Jay’s  passion  for  cocktails,  agave  spirits  and  service  industry  has  led  him  to  open  his  own  bar  COA.  As  a  passionate  bar  owner  and  bartender,  Jay  travels  regularly  to  Mexico,  and  around  the  world  to  keep  him  on  top  of  the  game  and  fuel  himself  with  inspirations  to  bring  new  ideas  to  the  Hong  Kong  bar  scene.  With  over  a  decade  experience,  Jay  has  made  an  impressive  reputation  for  himself  working  in  some  of  the  finest  cocktail  bars  and  hotels  throughout  his  career.   

Our collaborating partner:​​


27 July, 2018 (Friday)




$300 for non-members, $250 for Garage Society members

Thank you to all our sponsors!

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