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Grow Your Own Garden Workshop

@Global Wellness Day 2018


  • Saturday, 9 June 2018, 16.10-17.10 (Global Wellness Day events run from 08.00-18.30)



  • The St. Regis, Macau


Programme description:

As part of the Global Wellness Day programme, we partnered with Mana Vida to hold an introductory workshop, "Grow your own garden". Participants had the chance to get a taste of what it is like to grow plants in the urban environment of Macau, empowering them to reconnect with their own food! Through a combination of both hands-on activities and informative discussions, attendees were given an overview of key concepts including organic farming principles, growing seasons in Macau, organic fertilizers, home composting, tips for caring for veggies and herbs, as well as practical seeding and transplanting techniques. At the end of the session, there was also an opportunity to take home a herb seedling to start an organic garden at home!


Collaboration Organisation:

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