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CEO, Food Made Good HK

Heidi’s work in food policy with London and Amsterdam-based sustainability NGOs allows her

to offer a global perspective to Hong Kong’s dining scene as she ambitiously gears towards

driving sustainability as the norm in the F&B industry. Most recently, she was Sustainability

Communications Strategist at Grassroots Pantry (now Nectar). In the UK, she worked with

the Protein Challenge 2040 team at Forum for the Future - the leading sustainability NGO, to

help businesses to understand the need to shift to alternative proteins as the world tries to

reduce meat consumption, as well as helping major food businesses and retailers overcome

supply chain challenges. At Eating Better Alliance she helped like-minded NGOs and social

enterprises to communicate on opening up the ‘less and better meat’ conversation to new

audiences. Heidi’s goal is to see the mainstreaming of low-carbon lifestyles through food

choices, in particular the normalising of plant-based diets.

She has a Masters in Food Policy from City University London and PG Dip in Research

Methods. As CEO of Food Made Good HK, and with a diverse background in marketing,

analysis, food retail business consultancy, restaurants and NGOs around food and social

impact she looks forward to helping food service on their sustainability journey and

accelerating the pace of change in the HK F&B industry.

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