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Director - Operations, Business Environment Council 商界環保協會營運總監


As the Director – Operations of Business Environment Council (BEC), Ir Leung has been spearheading the development of sustainable buildings by leading and providing advisory services on a large number of green building initiatives, and delivering training to green building professionals. 


Ir Leung is an environmental engineer with more than 18 years of experience. His expertise spans across green building assessment, environmental management, energy and carbon audits, and indoor environmental quality.

He is currently a Registered Professional Engineer, a Registered Energy Assessor, a Certified Carbon Auditor Professional, a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Environmentalist, a BEAM Professional, a Green Building Faculty Member and China GBL Manager.


梁先生為環境工程專才,擁有超過 18 年的經驗,其專業範疇包括綠色建築評估、環境管理、能源及碳排放審計,以及室內環境質素。

其專業資格包括: 註冊專業工程師、註冊能源效益評核人、認證的碳排核數師、特許工程師、特許環境師、綠建環評專才、綠色建築專家以及中國綠色建築與節能(香港)委員會認可的綠建經理。

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