Jalapeno Pepper


(Capsicum annuum 'Jalapeño')

Growing Facts

Hong Kong Warm Growing Season (May-August)


8-12 hours daily under full sun

Moderate amount of water

Pepper plants are fairly drought tolerant (especially hot peppers) but moist soil should be kept for best production

Drip irrigation works well with peppers 


Plant in a container that is at least 16 inches in diameter

Plant the seedlings about 14-16 inches apart, with about 2-3 feet between rows

Fun Facts
Handling fresh Jalapenos may cause skin burns - make sure to wear latex or vinyl gloves while cutting, skinning, or seeding jalapenos
Jalapenos are available in green or red varieties, with green being the color at early harvest
Jalapenos typically have around 2,500-10,000 Scotville units
Jalapenos were the first peppers that travelled into space on a NASA shuttle 

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