Small Mustard Leaves


(Brassica juncea)

Growing Facts

Hong Kong Cool Growing Season (September-April)

At least 6 hours daily under full sun 

Mustard Greens will grow pretty well in shade as well 

Moderate amount of water

Keep the soil moist at all times if you want tasty, mild-flavored mustard greens

 If the soil is dry, it will develop a bitter and pungent flavor


Plant in a container

Broadcast seedlings over the soil surface and cover lightly with soil

Plant the mustard seeds 1/2 deep; when the seedlings are large enough to handle thin them 4-8 inches apart

Space rows 12-24 inches apart

Fun Facts
It's common to use Mustard greens for making pickles because its taste gives appetite
When cooked, Mustard greens are very pungent adding a peppery flavor to the food
Mustard greens contain compounds which have cancer-preventing benefits including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and natural detoxifying properties
There is a Chinese saying "October Mustard", mustard will have bud in October, waiting to bloom, used to describe girls that are in love

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