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We are what we eat

Nutrition talk





  • Rooftop Garden, The Fringe Club (Central)

Programme description:

This session will focus on realistic nutrition advice and explain why nutritional needs differ from person to person and why diets don't work. You will walk away with specific and realistic meal and snack ideas you can buy "to go" during a stressful day or ideas for cooking at home. 


We'll open the course with a quick ice breaker and quiz to warm up. Afterwards Tanja will talk you through different body types and metabolisms, typical dieting mistakes / misconceptions and will give you her top 6 rules for a healthy day that you can follow - no matter where you are. 


The session will also include a tour around our rooftop farm where we'll go through some of the key nutriotnal facts of seasonal vegetables/herbs present on the farm.



  • HKD290/person

  • Price is also inclusive of:

    • 1 complimentary non-alcoholic drink from Colette's, Fringe Club

    • An exclusive Rooftop Republic membership that includes 10% discount at the Colette's bar & The Fringe Vault cafe



  • English supplemented by Cantonese


Collaboration Partner:






Tanja Guigon-Rech is a certified nutritionist and Managing Director of Nutrition Nation HK. Nutrition Nation is dedicated to transforming the health and lifestyle of its clients by providing individuals and families with food education, meal planning, shopping guidance, and ongoing nutritional advice tailored to each and every person.

Born in Germany, Tanja originally started her career in hotel management where she spent a number of year’s working in an international hotel group. Having lived in Hong Kong since 2008, Tanja noticed the lack of food knowledge and education, poor lifestyle choices, and crash diets that existed in Hong Kong.  This on-going issue in Hong Kong has lead to generations of individuals being unaware of the choices they are making, and the impact these choices will have on their long-term health. Tanja’s goal is to educate a nation, creating sustainable, high quality lifestyles and balance.

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