(Origanum vulgare)

Growing Facts

Year-round growing season

At least 6 hours daily under full sun

Low amount of water

Oregano suffers from too much water than not enough 



Plant in a container as long as the roots have at least 6 inches of growing space

Choose a well-draining container with regular potting soil

Trim regularly

Space the seedlings 12 inches apart, in rows 18-24 inches apart

Fun Facts
Oregano is a culinary herb known for the flavor of its leaves, and it's more flavorful when it's dried
Oregano is a good source of iron, manganese, vitamin K, fiber and calcium
Oregano has beautiful purple or pink flowers, that are also edible
Oregano was thought by the Ancient Greeks that if you anointed yourself with it you will dream of your future spouse 

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