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Organic Farm Visit &

Farm to Table Lunch

As city-dwellers, we are very often disconnected from where our food comes from. Yet, what we put on our dinner plates has a direct impact on our planet, our health and our community.

At Rooftop Republic, we aim to reconnect urbanites with their own food and help rethink our food system by promoting local, sustainable and community based farming systems.

In this specially curated Airbnb experience, we will take you to see a different side of Hong Kong. Learn about growing your own food, sourcing quality produce and discovering the high-value organic herbs, edible flowers and fruits that are grown in some of the best kept soil in our city.

During this visit, you will have the opportunity to visit a certified organic farm in Hong Kong and learn first-hand about how our food is grown locally and in a sustainable way. You will also have a chance to get your hands dirty, have a taste of organic farming, and enjoy a farm to fork experience with produce freshly harvested right from the farm.

In collaboration with Airbnb Experiences: 

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