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Featured Urban Gardener: Sheila!

In this month's instalment of our featured urban farming story, we're lucky to have Sheila share her experience in growing vegetables and herbs on her rooftop at home.

The thriving curry leaf plant in these pictures is one of the earliest residents of her rooftop when Sheila began 6 years ago. “I’d never done it before, and I really wanted to learn,” says Sheila, on why she started her project. From empty concrete, Sheila's 600 square feet rooftop is now home to a wide variety of fruits and veggies, including tomatoes, eggplant, basil, mint, and of course, the curry leaf plant that began from a small cutting.

Growing your own food is not only a valuable and rewarding skill, but also an opportunity to share among friends. Having tasted a delicious and sweet passionfruit from her friend's garden in Lantau, she has preserved and planted the seeds in her own garden, and it is now growing into a sturdy vine.

Like many of us who are growing our own food here in Hong Kong, Sheila had to battle the weather and the bugs, and we admire her persistence and perseverance - “Don’t give up if it doesn’t work out, and do seek advice and lessons from experts!”

Thank you so much Sheila for sharing your story, we’ve been so inspired by your patience and passion!

If you have any questions about growing your own vegetables and herbs, do feel free to drop us a message. We’d love to hear from you! 📷:)


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