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Urban Farming for Kids


Workshop description:

Urban farming is a great way for city-dwellers, especially our little ones to re-establish their relationship with Nature. Led by our experienced urban farmer, this session will consist of hands-on and interactive activities for kids. Participants will enjoy a fun-filled afternoon learning about the basics of growing organic veggies and herbs, where their food comes from, and what they need to start growing their own veggies at home. They will also have a chance to sample some freshly harvested herbs and take home their very own plant to grow!

We're also excited to have invited Martina, Health Coach and Director of organic e-grocery store - Eat Fresh, to join us as a guest speaker and share with us a healthy recipe on eating fresh, seasonal and clean. Through a talk, demo and tasting session, participants will get to learn practical tips on how to eat well in a busy city like Hong Kong.


  • Sunday 24th June 2018, 330-530pm


  • Beginners

  • Suitable for children ages 6-11 years old (Participants must be accompanied by an adult)


  • Pol Fabrega, Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic Urban Farming

  • Martina Bin, Director, Eat FRESH Hong Kong


  • English supplemented by Cantonese



  • HK$380/child & 1 accompanying adult

Event Terms & Conditions:

About our guest speaker - Martina Bin

Martina is a certified IIN health coach, an aromatherapy and reiki practitioner, an entrepreneur, a translator, a mom to a super active 11-year-old boy and sweet hong kong rescued dog, a dancer and runner for fun, a yogi to become, and most of all a passionate health-conscious woman. Martina has a strong connection with nature thanks to her Italian family, which has a long tradition in agriculture and she grew up knowing very well what real food looks, and tastes, like. Martina learned on her skin what difference food and lifestyle can make on one's life, the power and freedom they bring along, and she is on a mission to share how easy and fun this can be!

Martina is also the Director of Eat FRESH that came about in 2011 because of three mums who were concerned about food safety and wanted to eat vegetables that were fresher than the ones found in the local supermarkets.


Eat FRESH has grown since then as an organic greengrocery delivery service, with an always-expanding range of well-selected and healthy products, that you find along with the freshest organic produce available in Hong Kong and in the region, all delivered to your doorstep.

Eat FRESH delivers without plastic or unnecessary packaging, in cooler bags, that are free of charge, and that customers hare happy to return back for reusing the next time. 


Inspiring people to eat real food, yummy, fresh and healthy, and to be kinder to our Mother Earth, through produce and product that are good and do good are at the very core of the company.

Kindly note that a confirmation email will not be issued upon registration.

All registered participants will receive an email reminder within the week prior to the event on things to prepare.

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