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The benefits associated with farming in schools have been well documented. School farms can play an important role in increasing nutrition awareness, inspiring healthy lifestyles and improving children’s food choices. Socially, school farming can increase children’s self-esteem, foster relationships with other students, staff and family members and enhance parental involvement. Furthermore, farm-based education has shown to deepen children’s connection with nature and foster positive attitudes about environmental issues.


In short, Rooftop Republic works with schools to support the following efforts:

  • Education: Our educational programmes can enhance existing curriculums through both classroom based and hands-on experiential learning. Our programmes cross all disciplines and can easily serve as a platform to teach science, math, language or arts.

  • School sustainability & environmental awareness: School farms can contribute to make the school more sustainable and increase students' awareness on environmental issues.

  • Healthy eating: Students develop an understanding of where their food comes from and how their food choices impact their bodies, increasing kids' potential to make healthy choices.

  • Parental engagement: School farms provide a unique opportunity to involve parents in school activities.

  • Teaching and learning about urban farming is FUN!​ 

To find out more details on our educational programmes, please see our Young Farmer's Academy page.

Our clients include:


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