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Farm to theDesk:

Community Urban Farming Programme

Farm to theDesk - Community Urban Farming Programme


Are you interested in growing your own food, but have limited outdoor space or access to sunlight?

Are you looking to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle?


Don't miss this perfect opportunity to set up your own garden with this first of a kind community urban farming space in the heart of Central Hong Kong brought to you by theDesk & Rooftop Republic!

Our programme not only allows you to step outside and spend time close to nature, it provides a source of fresh organic home grown produce, equips you with the knowledge to nurture your very own crops, and is a perfect opportunity to meet likeminded city-dwellers on your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Join the urban farming community at theDesk today!

Location: theDesk, 2/F 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

NOTE: Registration for this season is now closed. Still interested, or have any questions about the programme? Get in touch with us at

Membership at a glance

Group Rates


Join the Farm to theDesk programme with a friend and qualify for a special bundle discount. Please send an email to and we can send you a custom group quote (minimum 2 memberships to qualify for the discount).

Price Comparison Table

Price Comparison Table.001.jpeg

*Note that varieties are subject to change. 

Our participants share their experiences!

”I think the terrace space at theDesk was wonderful! It was easy to access and very pleasant.  I also enjoyed the intro session that you guys hosted. A very good variety of crops were provided. The staff at theDesk were also very nice”


- Tracie


"I enjoyed having my own little planter and being able to get my hands dirty. It was heartening to see the plants grow. The farmer/helpers present on Saturday mornings were most helpful and full of information. 


I joined the program to be able to learn with experts so I could duplicate it on my terrace. A great initiative for gardening enthusiasts.”


- Niru

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Join our Premier Plan for 4 months at $750/month (4 months is the length of a typical growing season, and in this time you can grow seasonal leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes, beetroots, snow peas, and radishes)

Join Lite for 2 months at $900/month (In 2 months, you can grow seasonal leafy greens and fresh herbs.)

Compare Premier and Lite Memberships

Email us for a special group rate discount if you'd like to join with a friend!


​What's Included:

  • Raised bed (L114cm x W49cm x H76cm)

  • Soil

  • Organic fertiliser 

  • Tools

  • A range of organic seeds and seedlings to choose from at the start of each growing season.

24/7 access to theDesk garden so you can tend to your plants any time!

1 on 1 sessions

Over your membership, you will have regular 1 on 1 sessions on Saturday mornings with our urban farmers who will provide you guidance on:

  • Growing seasons in Hong Kong

  • Composting & organic fertilisers

  • Pest control

  • Basic farming techniques: seeding, transplanting, harvesting, pruning, weeding, fertilising 

  • Basic organic farming principles: crop rotation, companion planting

Families welcome, you can bring a +1 to the workshops!

members' perks (Only for premier)

  • 10% discount to all theDesk/Rooftop Republic co-branded events 

  • Enjoy a Lite Pass hot-desk membership at theDesk Strand 50 for five days per any given month on Mondays-Fridays, 9pm - 6pm, includes a hot-desk, WiFi and coffee. Normally valued at $1,000/month, but free to Farm to theDesk members! (Subject to availability) 

Price Comparison Table
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