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Integrating urban farming into our city's lifestyle

Social Enteprise Awards Hong Kong

Rooftop Republic’s team has been pioneering the urban farming movement over the last five years. Our vision is to revolutionise the food system and transform the relationship people have with their food.

We are a truly multi-disciplinary team and we collaborate with architects, engineers, organic farmers, chefs and nutritionists to develop and deliver urban farming solutions.

Our innovative approach and end-to-end services - from design, installation to maintenance and community engagement - aims to incorporate urban farms into city-dwellers’ lifestyles and make it commonplace.


At Rooftop Republic we are enthusiastic about the potential for urban farming to transform both urban spaces and mindsets in Hong Kong and to contribute to making our city more sustainable and liveable.

Rooftop Republic Urban Farming is awarded the following recognition at the Social Enterprise Awards 2017 Hong Kong:

  • Most Outstanding Social Enterprise (Meritorious)

  • Most Innovative Social Enterprise

About us


Agnes Yeung

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Eva Yip

Rooftop Republic Team

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Andrew Tsui

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Angelica Klein

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Fiona Chan

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Barry Chan


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Raven Ching

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The team

Helping you transform under-utilised spaces into vibrant urban farms


Providing the care and attention your farm needs while engaging your stakeholders

Get your hands dirty and learn to grow your own vegetables or join one of our farm-to-table events, talks, farm visits and more! 

Farm design & Installation

Helping you transform under-utilised spaces into vibrant urban farms

If you’d like to create a source of nutritious and delicious organic food on your rooftop, we can help you! To set up your own urban farm, we provide a customised urban farming solution that includes:


  • Initial site assessment

  • Customised farm design 

  • Loading assessment

  • Supply and delivery of top quality planters, organic seedlings, soil, fertilizers and other gardening equipment 

  • Edible green wall installation

Farm design & Installation
Farming Workshops & events

Farm management

Providing the care and attention your farm needs while engaging your stakeholders

Rooftop Republic is committed to helping you make the most of your farm through our network of organic farmers, who provide the care and attention your farm requires.

Besides providing technical support, our team helps you put in place an effective farm operating system to upkeep the farm and ensure a fruitful engagement with your stakeholders (ie. company employees, students, parents, community partners).

Workshops & events

Get your hands dirty and learn to grow your own vegetables or join one our farm-to-table events, talks, farm visits and more! 

Join our interactive workshops to learn about the fundamental principles and practices of organic farming through talks, group discussions, games and practical hands-on farming. Led by experienced organic farmers, we conduct workshops suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

To find out more details on upcoming activities open to the public, please see our upcoming events page below. 

Farm maintenance


We work with companies to enhance their sustainability programmes and corporate social responsibility profile.

We help developers and architects incorporate urban farms into their projects, enhancing the building's sustainability and promoting the users' wellbeing.

We partner with F&B outlets to help them grow their own organic produce. We also collaborate with chefs across the city to run joint farm to table events.

We work alongside community based organisations to use urban farming as a tool to engage disadvantaged groups and integrate them more strongly into society. 

Education is at the core of our work. We help schools and educational institutions integrate farming into their curricular or extracurricular activities.  

Want to know what clients say about us? Click here to read testimonials from some of our most valued clients




Urban farms


Workshop & events participants


Square feet of installed farms 


Lunchbox meals donated to those in need


Workshop & events conducted


Hearing impaired trained as urban farmers

*Figures since March 2015

Contact Us


If you are keen to set up your own urban farm, join one of our events, volunteer, or simply want to get in touch, please drop us a note and we'll write back very soon!
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*Rooftop Republic is committed to reinvest at least 50% of any profits back into the company to further our social mission
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